Frequently Asked Questions

I love your watches. Where can I buy them?
Only in New York. Kidding. Just enter your location in our Store Locator. You’ll find out exactly where the closest retailers are near you. Happy shopping!

I just bought a watch but it’s too small! How can I get some extra links?
Our Parts Department has extra links available. Email them at and they’ll help you get the links you’re looking for.

My watch has been damaged. How can I get it repaired?
Things happen: falls, furious hand gesturing to get a waiter’s attention, etc. That’s why our Service Center page has everything you need to get your watch repaired and functioning like new. If you have any questions, send us an email at or give us a call at 800-233-3350.

My watch battery is drained. How can I replace it?
Sometimes, it helps to ask a professional. This is one of those times. We recommend taking your watch to your nearest authorized Caravelle New York retailer. Our Store Locator will show where your nearest authorized retailer can be found.

How can I tell if my Caravelle New York watch is authentic?
Your watch is authentic if it was purchased from an authorized Caravelle New York retailer. If you’re unsure, please direct messages @Caravelle on Twitter or contact us on our Facebook page.