Rose & Mocha

Elegant tortoise shell marries delicate rose gold in haute harmony. Classically refined and softly stylish, these chic watches evoke city synergy. Picture coffee at sunrise on the Upper East Side and cocktails at your new favorite spot in SoHo. New York has a heartbeat — can you feel it?
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Rose & Mocha
    • 44L134$125
    • 44L120$115
    • 44L128$105
    • 44L130$105
    • 44L124$95
    • 44L139$69
    • 44L150$69
    • 44L137$69
    • 44L140$69
    • 45A110$150
    • 45A114$120
    • 44A102$120
    • 44A104$75