Thank you for investing in Caravelle New York!

Instructions for having your Caravelle New York watch serviced or repaired:

Send your watch or clock via UPS or insured or registered mail with sufficient insurance to cover the original purchase price or current market value (in the case of solid gold watches), whichever is higher. Make sure your complete name and address, including ZIP code, appear on the package return address label and are also included inside the package.

Enclose a complete explanation of the nature of the problem so that the correct repairs will be made.


IF STILL UNDER WARRANTY: Enclose a copy of your sales slip along with a check or money order made to CARAVELLE NEW YORK SERVICE for $10 to cover the cost of handling, mailing and insurance. (The warranty may be void on products showing evidence of extreme use or, in the case of non-water resistant models, evidence of moisture and/or rust).

If more than one product is being shipped, enclose a packing list of the package contents and retain a copy for your records.


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Caravelle New York – Three-Year Limited Warranty

COVERAGE: Your new CARAVELLE NEW YORK timepiece is warranted to the owner for three full years from date of purchase. The warranty covers any and all parts of the watch that may need repair due to defects in materials or workmanship under normal use. The warranty excludes the battery, strap and excessive wear or damage to the case, crystal or bracelet, and does not protect against water damage if the model is not marked water-resistant. Bulova Corporation’s (“Bulova”) obligations hereunder are limited to repair or replacement atits option. Bulova is not liable for any consequential or incidental damages, and any recovery may not exceed the amount paid for the timepiece. All implied warranties, including that of merchantability, are limited to three years. This warranty gives you specific legal rights; you may also have other rights which vary from locale to locale, so the limitations in this paragraph may not apply to you.

IF SERVICE IS REQUIRED: Bulova timepieces have been engineered to provide years of use with minimal need for service. In the unlikely event that service is needed, first have the battery tested to be sure it still has sufficient power. If this does not correct the problem, send a statement outlining the specific nature of the problem along with the timepiece in a durable, protective wrapping, postage prepaid and with a $10.00 (or local currency equivalent) shipping/handling fee.


Do not show the name “Bulova” as part of the address

The nearest Service Center address can be found on our website:

Use registered mail or insured mail with postage prepaid and insured for the full replacement value of the watch

Carefully wrap the timepiece in protective wrapping. Do not send in original box.

POST-WARRANTY SERVICE: Bulova’s staff of watchmakers are experts at repairing and restoring Bulova timepieces. For repairs outside of warranty, a $10.00 (or local currency equivalent) charge will be assessed to cover cost of evaluation, postage and handling if repair authorization is refused.

Post-warranty repairs should be mailed to the appropriate Service Center address located on our website:

I love your watches. Where can I buy them?

Only in New York. Kidding. Just enter your location in our Store Locator. You’ll find out exactly where the closest retailers are near you. Happy shopping!

I just bought a watch but it’s too small! How can I get some extra links?

Our Parts Department has extra links available. Email them at and they’ll help you get the links you’re looking for.

My watch has been damaged. How can I get it repaired?

Things happen: falls, furious hand gesturing to get a waiter’s attention, etc. That’s why our Service Center page has everything you need to get your watch repaired and functioning like new. If you have any questions, send us an email at or give us a call at 800-233-3350.

My watch battery is drained. How can I replace it?

Sometimes, it helps to ask a professional. This is one of those times. We recommend taking your watch to your nearest authorized Caravelle New York retailer. Our Store Locator will show where your nearest authorized retailer can be found.

How can I tell if my Caravelle New York watch is authentic?

Your watch is authentic if it was purchased from an authorized Caravelle New York retailer. If you’re unsure, please direct messages @Caravelle on Twitter or contact us on our Facebook page.